Buyer’s Advocacy Service


Buy with CONFIDENCE, knowing you have purchased at a good price.  

When you use the Buyers Advocacy Service you learn:

  • What is the right price to pay?
  • What are the terms you should do to convince a Vendor to sell?
  • How do you confirm purported facts or flush out questionable information?
  • How do you get council, zoning and overlay information?
  • How do you get information which the Agent may not have or just doesn’t respond with?

The Buyer’s Advocacy Service assists with all of these.

You will save you money. You will also know faults the property has or doesn't have. 

The Buyer’s Advocacy Service, can provide any or all of  the following:

  • Search and seek out properties to your specifications (Location, bedrooms, baths, car space etc). 
  • Carry out appropriate research to confirm or disprove the information promoted about the property.
  • Act on your behalf  to negotiate the sale price.
  • Gain information to determine the potential Capital Growth of the area you seek to buy in. 
  • Thumbnail Feasibility Studies on the development of land.
  • Seek out types of properties which have not yet come to the market.
  • Find out information on Zoning, Precinct Structure Plans and Overlays from Councils.
  • Supply valuations on properties with supporting documentation and sales histories when possible.

Depending on the extent of the service required and what you want, we charge a fixed fee or a commission. 

Why spend hours and hours of your time getting befuddled by missing key information, lack of responses from agents and wondering if you can do this or that with the property? BBC RE can work for you and gain all this valuable information on your behalf.

You will then know if you are paying above or below market and thereby rest easy on one of the most important purchases of your life.

Spending a little bit of money in a Buyer’s Advocacy Service can save you a LOT of money in the end. You gain a peace of mind.

BBC RE's record in managing to buy under-market is 100%!

This was due to being better informed about the property than the vendor or the agent.



Giovanni (Johnny) Colosimo


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